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7 Signs You Need Roof Repairs

In some areas storms are a regular occurrence which often leads to storm damage. Ice dams can pose a significant problem. During summer. Autumn and winter, heavy thunderstorms with torrential rains, hail, and wind often occur. Some of the more recent well-built roof can withstand stormy weather. However, during severe storms even the most robust roofs might necessitate inspection and repairs afterward. In this article, we will be telling you more about what you should be looking for and what to do when you suspect your require storm damage roof repairs.

Checking The Attic

Check for any puddles, leaks, or water stains which is visible on the floor. This is usually a good indication that your roof sustained damage somewhere and that water is entering from outside. Before the issue escalates, it is best to call a professional roofers from Delta Home Construction to inspect the roof.

Examining The Gutters

You can tell if your gutters are cracked, dented, or got separated from the home, even from the ground. If your gutters are damaged, the likelihood of watering entering where it should not, is high. This could be either into the siding or on the roof. Gutter repairs are among the most commonplace storm damage repair requirements.

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Looking For Extreme Granule Loss

The protective granules on older roofs are more vulnerable to erosion, especially if you live in an areas which is prone to bead weather. Inspect around downspouts of gutters for excessive granules after you have had a storm. This is an indication that you will soon have to contact the best Delta Home roofing company for a full roof replacement.

Inspecting The Shingles

If you notice any missing, flapping, buckled, loose, or warped shingles, then you will need repairs since the shingles are paramount for keeping the elements out.

Checking If You Notice Any Broken Or Loose Metal

Inspect the flashing around vents, edges, chimneys, roof valleys, see if it is still intact. Flshing is the thin material layer which are protecting these areas from water getting in and they can be especially susceptible to bad weather. If you notice anything missing, broken, or cracked in these areas, you must have the roof repaired as quickly as possible to prevent water from seeping in during the next storm.

Checking For Any Hail Damage

You need to inspect both the chimney and the roof (especially metal flashing) and exhaust pipes, etc. for pockmarks caused from hail damage. Also have a look at the siding for any visible dents or holes, and if there are any, call a roof repair agency immediately.

Trees That Fell Over

When trees fell over, there could be a possibility that the electrical lines are involved, therefore practice caution. Phone your local utility company and stay clear from your home until they have given the go ahead. Even smaller, stray branches can end up damaging the shingles. It is wise not to attempt getting on the roof yourself, but instead call a reliable roofing contractor to assess the damage.

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