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Ultimate Basement Maintenance Tips

Many people fail to inspect the basement for any signs of damages. After all, this is a part of the house that many of us hardly ever get to spend time in. However, the basement forms part of your home foundation and can be turned into a functional room. That said, any damage that can result in expensive repair costs later needs to get fixed.

It is important that we are able to assess the damage in its early stages to ensure it does not compromise the foundation of the house and that we are able to quickly repair if there’s any. But how can you check for damages in your basement?

1. Cracks In the Foundation or the Wall

Cracks are the first thing that you should look for when assessing any damage in your basement. They can be a sign of pressure exerted into the foundation or the basement walls by water.

You don’t need to be alarmed because of tiny cracks as it will pose minimal risks. That said, it still needs to be monitored in case it gets bigger. Major cracks should be assessed by a qualified professional and the basement crack repair should be done immediately. If it’s not assessed properly, it will only continue to grow bigger with the pressure and cause more damage to your house.

If you realize that the walls in your basement are beginning to shift, contact a professional immediately, and have it fixed.

2. Check the Floors

The floors in your basement should be in top condition. If you notice a part sinking then there are multiple factors that could cause this.

First, this could be water damage that is causing havoc on your home’s foundation.

Second, there could be soil erosion underneath the floor. Whichever the case, sinking floors is not to be taken lightly and you should contact an expert immediately to assess the problem and repair the damage.

3. Check The Paint Work

When inspecting your basement, if you notice the paint on the walls peeling then you should never dismiss this as something as just being old paint.

Look for confirmation underneath for signs of salt deposits or flakes on the floors. This should be enough evidence that a water leakage is causing damage to the foundation of your home and you should contact an expert immediately to do repairs.

4. Is There A Smell?

You may have a serious problem in your hands, if you have noticed a musty smell every time you walk into your basement. It is often a result of mold growing in your house and which is usually caused by dampness and humidity.

This is also a telltale sign that there is a leak in the basement.

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5. Check Out for Mold

Speaking of mold, it is important that you watch out for this. Other than being a major sign of water damage, mold may also cause serious respiratory issues which can affect your household that can lead to death if ignored. Mold thrives in damp areas that are also high in humidity. Call an expert immediately to safely remove it and fix the cause of the problem.

6. Stains

Another way of checking for damages in your basement is to look for stains. Usually when there has been a leak, the color on the walls or foundation of your house will look like it has stains. It’s an easy way of knowing that something is wrong.

As soon as you notice this, contact an expert who will quickly fix the problem and acting immediately will prevent you from spending highly expensive repairs if it gets worse.

What to Do When You Discover Damage in Your Basement

As we have mentioned, the best thing to do when you realize that there is damage in your basement, is to contact an expert immediately.

By not wasting time fixing the problem on your own, the spread of the cracks or the damage can be maintained which will save you from incurring hefty costs.

If there is leakage of sewage water into your basement it is definitely advisable to let the professionals do the basement waterproofing as this could be hazardous to your health.

If the damage is minor and you are skilled at handling such problems, then you may opt to repair it yourself to not waste money on something that you can fix but it’s still best to contact an expert for advice. Always make sure that you leave the serious cases to a professional as they are experienced and they have the tools needed to restore your basement to its former glory.

Final Thoughts

It is important that the house and the basement is well maintained as doing so will keep your house standing for years. One way of ensuring this is to do regular inspections of the basement and immediately fixing any problems that you encounter.

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