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How To Prevent Your Roof From Failing

If you knew the exact year your commercial roof would fail, what – if anything – would you do to prevent it from happening? Looking for ways to fix and address problems BEFORE they occur is the most cost-effective mindset to employ. Simply speaking it’s called managing your roof assets – or asset management. It’s […]

Ponding Water Consequences On Your Roof

When properly designed, most roofs – even flat roofs – have enough slope to drain water after a rain or snow event. Add to that the fact that evaporation helps to dry up roofs as well. So, if you have water that remains on a roof 48 hours after a rain, you can be pretty […]

When Is Restoration Possible For Your Commercial Roof

By now, you’ve certainly heard that commercial roof restorations can be viable options for bringing failing roofs back to watertight condition and back under warranty. And they do so with much less cost and disruption than a complete tear off and replacement. Seems like a no brainer, right? Well unfortunately, not all roofs qualify. There […]

How To Deal With Commercial Roof Leaks

At some point, just about every commercial roof will encounter a leak. It’s inevitable. It’s no time to sit on the sidelines because the quicker you deal with it, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 4 COMMON FAILURE POINTS Penetrations. Penetrations are holes cut to accommodate HVAC components, vent pipes, drains, skylights, […]

Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Repairing

Your house’s roof was designed to last ten years or longer. But extreme weather, falling trees, animal activities, and other environmental and external factors may lead to premature wear and tear, or damage. Thus, roofing experts highly recommend regular roof maintenance—at least once every year, or more frequently for roofs over five years old. In […]

7 Signs You Need Roof Repairs

In some areas storms are a regular occurrence which often leads to storm damage. Ice dams can pose a significant problem. During summer. Autumn and winter, heavy thunderstorms with torrential rains, hail, and wind often occur. Some of the more recent well-built roof can withstand stormy weather. However, during severe storms even the most robust […]

Ultimate Basement Maintenance Tips

Many people fail to inspect the basement for any signs of damages. After all, this is a part of the house that many of us hardly ever get to spend time in. However, the basement forms part of your home foundation and can be turned into a functional room. That said, any damage that can result […]

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Replacement Windows

There was a time, not too long ago, when the most interest homeowners has in windows was to find suitable window treatments! But times have changes a lot now. Windows are no longer simply for ventilation purposes. They offer many more features and functions like noise cancellation, insulation, energy efficiency, etc. In fact, these days all […]

How To Get Rid Of The Rising Damp

Rising damp is a rare and nasty damp problem that affects London homes. In most cases, it should be dealt with by professionals. As damp proofing experts in North London, we are specialised in identifying and treating rising damp. With our professional survey of your home, we can find the source of the damp then create a […]