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What To Consider Before Choosing Your Replacement Windows

There was a time, not too long ago, when the most interest homeowners has in windows was to find suitable window treatments! But times have changes a lot now. Windows are no longer simply for ventilation purposes. They offer many more features and functions like noise cancellation, insulation, energy efficiency, etc. In fact, these days all windows are required to meet common energy efficiency standards. But energy savings is not the only thing that affects the choice of windows. If you’re thinking of window replacement, you need to consider many other factors before making your choice.

While people  are spoilt for choices when it comes to window types and styles, it never hurts to know more! So, here are the most common factors that you should consider before choosing your replacement windows. Well, before you move ahead consider reading laminated vs tempered glass which will help you choose the best glass for your window.

Home Architecture and Interior

It is a universally known fact that certain window styles work best with certain architectures. For example, casement windows go well with ranch style homes while bay and bow widows are perfect for traditional homes. So, it makes sense to replace existing bay windows in a traditional home with the same. However, you are also free to try new styles! Just like exterior looks matter, the way a window fits with your interiors is also important.

Window Style

Many people think that when replacing old windows, you need to keep the same style and design. This is not at all necessary. You can choose any of window style in the market as long as it goes well with your home’s structure and decor. The different window styles available today include bay, bow, casement, double-hung, slider, picture, and garden windows. While operable styles like casement, double-hung, or slider can improve ventilation, bay, bow, and picture windows are great for framing views. So, before you choose a style, do consider the home’s structure, interiors, and functional needs of the residents.

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Window Features Required

These days, windows do much more that the basic functions of control light and airflow. Nowadays, you can have windows that can regulate temperature, weather extreme conditions, prevent drafts and air infiltration, and keep you warm and comfortable. Some windows even have convenient designs that are easier to clean. Other features include easy grip, simple locking and unlocking mechanism, childproofing solutions, sound insulation, etc. What purpose do you want your windows to serve? Decide what features you want in windows before you start your search.

Proper Installation

For windows to perform to their fullest, it is important to properly install them. Window replacement is a difficult and challenging project. Even professionals need to take extra care in the process. Instead of trying to DIY it, opt for professional installation. And choose your contractors carefully too. Make sure they don’t depend too heavily on sealants and spacers for fitting. Always ensure the windows you choose are the best fit for your space and that your contractor has the skill to fit it properly.

Energy Efficiency

All replacement windows installed need to meet certain basic energy-efficiency standards. Also, most homeowners today are energy-conscious and ask for products that consume less energy. To opt for energy-efficient windows, check the SHGC and U-factor ratings and search for ENERGY STAR and NRFC labels. Also look for features like double-glazing, impact resistance, condensation resistance, etc. It’s not only about saving money, though that is a big factor! But energy-efficient windows give you more comfort in your homes and reduce your carbon footprint, all while enhancing your decor!

While it’s important to choose the right windows for your home, choosing the right installation company is also equally important. Keep the above factors in mind when choosing the right replacement windows and you will be stress-free for years to come!

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