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How To Prevent Your Roof From Failing

If you knew the exact year your commercial roof would fail, what – if anything – would you do to prevent it from happening?

Looking for ways to fix and address problems BEFORE they occur is the most cost-effective mindset to employ. Simply speaking it’s called managing your roof assets – or asset management.

It’s been proven that facility managers and building owners who implement preventative maintenance strategies end up spending pennies on the dollar square foot-wise for maintenance compared to those who manage reactively by waiting until there’s a problem to take action.

The mindset of a proactive facility manager is usually focused on extending the life of the roof they have. They do what they do to delay costly replacements as long as possible. That way, if their roof reaches the point of such disrepair that it requires a replacement, they want to rest easy knowing they did everything possible to prevent it.

It’s virtually impossible to be proactive, though, unless you’re armed with data-driven information about the true condition of your roof – section by section, building by building. This information empowers you to make informed, timely decisions on where maintenance dollars are best spent.

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Simon Roofing’s proprietary SR PreVision program is able to scientifically determine how much useful life a roof has left. Data, photos, an infrared scan and a core sample are collected from the roof and sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory for extensive structural and chemical testing, including IR analysis to test elongation, tensile strength and other key indicators of roof life expectancy.

Those findings, along with historical data collected over many years of roof evaluations from similar roof systems and climates, are analyzed and compiled into a comprehensive report. In this report, facility managers are equipped with all of the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their roof, including:

  • Current condition
  • Expected useful life
  • Recommended options for extending its useful life
  • Associated costs for recommendations

This process ensures objective, unbiased results. It’s a scientific approach to rating roofs and implementing a proven system of checks and balances to assure reliability. It’s roof asset management at its finest. No guesswork required. No opinions accepted.

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