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Here’s How You Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your New Jerseys Roof

The roof of your house is one of the most important elements on the outside of your building, helping to keep your home safe from everything that nature has to throw at it.

Considering that your roof is continuously exposed to the elements of New Jerseys, it’s no wonder that if it is not properly maintained it will crumble quickly.

Nonetheless, if you know how to take care of the roof of your house, you can increase its lifespan considerably.

To learn more about how to improve the lifespan of the roof of your home, take a look at this article.

Keep the gutters clean


The first rule is to keep your gutters free from debris. Dead vegetation will clog the drains, causing pooling of water.

Standing water in many ways is harmful not just to your roof but also to your home. The water could penetrate building materials and damage your interiors.

Clogged gutters also increase the risk of ice damming. With the cold winter air, the trapped water could turn into ice and cause snowmelt to freeze faster.

Consider daily gutter cleaning seriously to prevent any of those inconveniences. This task is never exciting, but it’s always important, so try not to put it off.

Keep the roof itself clean

Gutters are not the only places where debris can be collected on your roof. Flat areas or nooks and crannies on the roof are also perfect spots for falling leaves and branches to gather.

Remove leaves and debris from valleys of the roof as this debris can trap dampness, damage your shingles and encourage the growth of weeds in the affected areas.

Trim overhanging branches around your structures, from trees and bushes. This will help prevent the accumulation of debris on your roof and keep those branches from brushing against the walls, gutters, sideways and windows.

In winter, avoid ice dam formation by investing in proper insulation.

Invest in roof coating


Roof coatings create a resilient barrier between your roofing material and the elements.

The right coating of the roof increases the waterproof quality of your roof, shielding your roof from harmful rays of the sun, protects against UV damage and deflects heat away from the surface of the roof.

In particular, when applied, white roof coatings provide a highly reflective seamless solar barrier which increases a roof’s life span.

It protects it from breaking down, in turn preventing the penetration of moisture and damage caused by leaks. White roof-coatings also save energy. And can reduce the costs of summer cooling by up to 40%.

The key is to have the installation done by professionals, such as Delta Home Construction.

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Have your roof inspected regularly

Another great thing to do if you wish to improve the lifespan of your roof is to have it inspected regularly.

Routine inspections are essential to preventative damage to the roof of your building.

Whether or not you find any cause for concern, a professional crew should regularly assess your roof, at least once a year.

This way red flags can be detected as soon as possible and addressed. Your roof warranty may not cover repairs but the overall cost of the job would be small compared to that of a replacement.

If you’re serious about trying to improve the lifespan of your roof, this is one of the things you can do most.

Insulate and ventilate your attic

You may not have any living room in your attic, but this does not mean ventilation and insulation is not necessary; on the contrary, it is very necessary for your roof’s sake.

Keeping airflow through the attic can help control summer temperatures so your shingles don’t get too dry.

Similarly, this will help prevent moisture from accumulating under the roof which could lead to a variety of problems such as mold, rot, or structural problems.


To extend the lifespan of your roof you really just need to take care of it throughout the year and all seasons.

Make sure you consult a professional to see if there are any shingle or structural issues that need to be addressed.

Prepare your home for rain and wind by making it waterproof and ensuring that gutters are securely fastened to your home. Trimming trees can help you avoid damage to the branch, too.

Take steps in winter to prevent too much ice and snow from building up which can cause long- and short-term problems.

Do all of the above, and watch your roof last much longer than everyone else around your home.

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