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Tips & Tricks For Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Home

Is it time for spring cleaning? Are you planning to sell the property soon? Are guests coming over and you want to make your house beautiful to avoid shame and regret? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, perhaps, it’s time to clean your home’s exterior.

Note that cleaning the outdoor areas of your property requires more than a broom and mop. It would be best if you continue reading to know the top four tips to help you clean your home’s outer areas.

1. Hire Professional Cleaners

Perhaps, you have better things to do than spend a perfectly good weekend afternoon cleaning the property. If so, consider hiring professional cleaners instead.

Among the many expert property cleaners on the market, consider hiring skilled pressure washer cleaners. You can use a pressure washer without the help of professionals in the home-cleaning industry. Using the cleaning device can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to operate the gadget safely.

Still, don’t hire just any pressure washing company you can find. You should consider some essential factors, like the company’s credentials and the number of positive reviews gained.

Ensure that the pressure washing fees coincide with your budget. Otherwise, you might not have the extra spending power for other cleaning essentials.

Also, don’t forget to ask the pressure washing services about the time frame needed to complete the task. Ensure that the company’s cleaning technicians are flexible enough to work on a tight schedule, allowing you to give way for other home-beautifying projects.

2. Clean The Windows

Window glass and frames can capture dirt and dust, making you agitated at the unclean sight. Hence, don’t forget about cleaning the windows to remove that agitation and marvel at the spotless view.

Note that windows require unique procedures and tools to bring about a spotless shine. For example, don’t use conventional bath soap to clean windows. Otherwise, the suds might stay after the cleansing, which will attract additional dust and dirt onto the material.

Instead, use a dedicated window cleaning solution to remove unclean substances from the glass and frames. Also, don’t use any cloth to wipe the glass. Fabrics, such as cotton and wool, may put scratches on window glass, giving you more unsightly scenarios each time you look at your windows.

If you’re adamant about using fabrics, consider microfiber cloths instead. These cleaning tools won’t damage window glass surfaces, creating a spot- and scratch-free look. Aside from a microfiber cloth, you can also use a squeegee to remove filthy debris from your windows. Search for good quality squeegees, particularly models that come in three components: the handle, channel, and rubber.

These squeegees help homeowners create a deeper clean than usual for their windows. Once you remove the suds and other debris from the windows with the tool, you should now clearly view the objects across the glass.

How To Clean The Outside Of Your House

3. Maintain The Roof

Don’t forget about the roof when thinking about cleaning your home’s exterior. Failure to maintain the roof’s cleanliness may result in devastating and costly damages.

For example, shingles may get damaged because of harsh weather. The damage might worsen if you don’t rectify the issue quickly. You should know that a small dent may grow into a massive hole in the roof if you’re not careful. Hence, consider adding roof cleaning to your home-beautifying project.

Like other property-cleaning techniques, you should be careful in removing debris from your rooftop. One example is when you’re cleaning snow from the roof. Many homeowners prefer snow-clearing with a shovel, and that tool should suffice if you’re using it on a lawn or driveway. But, don’t use a shovel to remove snow from your rooftop. It’s because a conventional shovel can bring harm to the structural integrity of roofing materials.

Applying more pressure than needed with the shovel can put dents on or even create holes in your roof. If you’re not careful, holes can lead to leaks in ceilings, which can, then, create numerous other problems.

Instead, use a snow pusher to help clear snow and clean your roof. The device helps you shove snow off the edge without the need to exert extra effort, as you would do with a shovel. Thus, using a snow pusher can help clean the rooftop without an increased risk of damaging roofing materials.

Aside from clearing snow from the roof to maintain your home’s exterior aesthetics, don’t forget to replace shingles deemed beyond repair. Some materials, like asphalt, can become brittle over time, making them prone to damage from debris and harsh weather conditions.

Replace these materials as soon as possible. Leaving damaged shingles on your roof can create opportunities for ceiling leaks and other structural problems.

4. Remove Weeds:

Creeping Charlie, shepherd’s purse, and dandelion are some examples of weeds that shouldn’t be in your nice lawn. Moreover, some of these plants can creep to other flora, ruining your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Removing weeds from your front or backyard should be part of your home cleaning project. If you don’t remove these pesky plants quickly, you might be looking at a weed-filled garden instead of award-winning flowers.

Still, you can use different strategies to help you remove weed from your lawn. One example is to use organic solutions, like a mixture of vinegar, salt, and dishwashing liquid. Vinegar is a natural weed-killer, but its efficacy might not be potent enough as a standalone product.

Combining vinegar with salt and dishwashing solution can help boost the condiment’s weed-killing attributes. Moreover, the dishwashing liquid helps break the vinegar to help your lawn absorb the solution easily.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and start spraying the offending plants. You should see the weeds slowly dying after a few days. Remove the offending plants from your garden once they look dry and dead.


Cleaning your home’s exteriors requires different techniques and tools. Let this guide help you maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal, regardless of the reasons for wanting a clean house. Remember to maintain vigilance in restoring the beauty of your abode—one wrong move might lead to expensive mistakes.

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