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The Latest Unique Roof Designs Ideas

Sure, the roof typically isn’t the first thing you notice about a house, but a fun and stylish roof design can change that. Whether you’re re-doing an existing roof or building a new house from the ground up, there’s a lot to consider.

If you’re looking to break the mold and think a little outside of the box, here are some rad ideas for you! Whether you are interested in hiring experienced roofing contractors or you would like to do it yourself, take a look at these roof ideas that will bring a unique character to your home.

Turn that Frown Upside Down

Generally, a trendy curved design on a home will slope downward. However, this ultra-modern look flips the script and the curve. Creating a smile shape, this choice will certainly make your house stand out from the rest.

Going with this style will also add some fun shape to the interior of the space. Not quite the steep slope of an A-frame ceiling, but a quirky little bend.

Just be sure to do your research first. Because of the unusual shape, this style will change the way your roof deals with precipitation. It might not be suitable for areas that experience heavy snowfall or might require specialized engineering.

Go for a Blend

Try mixing up the material that your roof is composed of. This is a good way to change it up, especially when your roof has multiple tiers. Go with high-end roofing material like clay shingles on the prominent house features to really make them pop. But then, you can switch it up on the lower levels of the roof with some slate tiles.

Another point to consider: most homes have an area of the roof that can’t be seen from the ground. There are plenty of cost-effective roofing options that can be installed out of sight to save you money on the overall project.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You open up so many possibilities when you don’t restrict the types of material you have to work with. Plus, ask yourself how many homes have that look. Not many, for sure. So it’ll really make your house stand out.

Scallop Cut

Choosing to go with a shingle or tile with this curved cut will give you a beautiful overlay pattern to your roof. Your new roofing material will fit together like scales on a fish. This doesn’t sound like a particularly stylish description. However, stylish is absolutely the aesthetic they give off when you see them in person.

This design works particularly well when there is some color variation in the tile or shingle itself. For example, a slate tile made up of multiple hues of grey would totally pop in a scalloped shape.

Give Metal a Try

We’re not just talking about the old-school corrugated metal roof you stick on a shed. Today, there are a host of styles and colors that make metal roofing a beautiful choice. You’ll see this style most often in country-style or very modern homes.

There are a bunch of great bonuses to having a metal roof beyond just style. Durability, and very little required maintenance, to name just a few. Plus, this fire-retardant material can be installed over the existing roof.

If you’re sustainability-conscious, this might be the perfect roof for you. These roofs are not only energy-efficient, but they’re also recyclable. Great looking and great for the environment. Does it get any better?

Newlybuilt House Shingle Roof

A Little Piece of Paris

French Provincial is style is a staple of European architecture. If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll have seen this roof style all over the place. It’s a great option for maximizing the living space of an attic.

This look traditionally consists of a mansard-style roof with dormer windows. With all of the roofing options available on the market right now, you can choose to stay with a classically whimsical style or change it up and go for something more modern.

This roof style is particularly great for resale value. Homes with the kind of roof have great curb appeal. Potential buyers will be excited about your property before they even step in the door.

Let the Light In

When done right, skylights are a design feature that can totally transform a home. During the day, they flood interior rooms with natural light. At night, your home will glow from the inside, giving off a homey, comfortably lived-in vibe.

The important point here is that they must be installed correctly. Let’s not forget, this is essentially a giant hole in your roof. Whether it’s rain, snow, heat, or cold, you have to be sure that what’s outside stays out.

Forest Fabulous

This is a great option if modernity isn’t really your style. If you want to keep it old-school and add a boat-load of charm, this is probably the way to go.

Roofs in this style are classically gables, but don’t let that fence you in. This style is more about the actual material. Shingles or shakes in natural wood, such as pine, redwood, or cedar, will make your home look like it was plucked straight from the woods, no matter what shape roof you put them on.

Color Outside the Lines

You’re going to want to consider the full effect of your preferred color on the aesthetics of your house. A bold color choice can really make your house pop, but a clashing color scheme may send your neighbors running.

We recommend getting a sample of the roofing you’re considering. Put that sample in an area of your house’s exterior where the house color, the trim, and any other architectural features, like stone chimneys, come together. That way you can get a feel for how these elements interact visually.

One last pro tip: leave the sample out for the day. Come back to it as the sun moves across the sky and see how the color interactions change with the light.

Find Your Look

A fun and unique way that you can give your home a punch of personality is starting with the roof. There are so many great choices out there, there’s almost no end to the different design options you can go with.

You can do the super modern look with abstract curved shapes, or go with a variety of materials to jazz things up all over. Whether you want to feel like you’ve got a cabin in the woods or a sophisticated flat in Paris, make sure to choose a roof design that is everything you want and more.

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