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Signs That You Need An Immediate Roof Replacement

The age of the roof will tell you if it is time to replace it. If your roof has gone past its prime and is heading towards the end of its life, you must replace it even if there are no visible signs of damage. For example, if you install asphalt roof that has recommended the life of 20-30 years, regardless of how well you maintain it, replacing the roof after the specified lifetime become inevitable. The same applies to a metal roof with the only difference that it lasts much longer for 40-50 years. And the longest lasting roof is perhaps the slate roof that can last for a century. Maximum roof damage happens during the monsoon as also in winter when it snows and forms ice.

To ensure that the roof lasts through its life while giving little or no trouble, you must inspect it periodically and do some proper maintenance. But surely, there will come a time when you must replace the roof and know when to do it look out for some telling signs of roof damage.

Roof is leaking


Usually, signs of roof leak become visible at some parts of the ceiling that forms the under the surface of the roof and if you see cracks around the flashing chances of leakages are quite high. Moreover, the valley that directs rainwater to the gutters is most prone to leakage. While one or two leaky spots are manageable, too many of it can cause havoc, and the situation calls for replacing the roof.

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Light passing through the roof boards

Roofs should completely block light, but on going up to the attic even if you find some faint light rays passing through the roof it is a sure sign that the damage has set in deep and replacing the roof is the only solution. Consult the experts of a roofing company like Delta Home Construction to start the process of roof replacement before things go totally out of control.

Shingles buckling, curling or missing

Sunlight causes the most damage to the shingles, which with time tend to curl or buckle, especially in the sloping areas of the roof. If at the slopes you discover some curled or bent shingles then no repair would work and to restore the roof you must replace it. The same is the case for too many cracked shingles across the roof. Over time some shingles might go missing and as long as there are just one or two missing shingles the situation might be manageable with repairs. But if the number of missing shingles is too many and it becomes a frequent occurrence, then there is something wrong with the roof system which might have become weak. In such situations trying to repair the roof will be fruitless, and the only option is to replace the roof.

Roof inspection by an expert should help you to evaluate the extent of damage and how far practicable it might be to repair it. But some signs like the sagging roof will mean that it is time for a replacement.

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